I love the wind. The force of a breeze on my face or lifting me just slightly off the ground makes me feel more connected to the world around me than any other feeling. It is a freeing feeling; I let go of control over my body and my emotions, and even my concerns go with that wind. In return, that wind reminds me that I am a part of a world greater than anything in my own life. For me, this feeling is what reminds me of the difference between the soul and body.

I have never been much of a religious person, but there is one teaching of Hinduism that I think molds me as a person. As a young girl I remember learning that there is god in every living thing. There is an entity within each human, animal, and plant that originates from the higher power. That entity is what unites us in this journey, regardless of the destination. The teaching behind this value was to respect everyone and every living thing I came across. Since then, I have had an odd interest in understanding how people, animals, and even plants really work. I am constantly intrigued by the overarching question of our existence and purpose. Times of great trauma bring people together, and while this is true, they also separate people. On one hand, humankind can’t see suffering and we are often willing to risk ourselves to protect and save others. Yet on the other hand, we can be just as cruel when it is in our interests. Perhaps it is this very battle in humans that represents the god in us struggling against our more human characteristics.

Animals and plants are also quite interesting. Their survival is entirely dependent on their instincts to protect themselves and yet, there are countless examples of personal sacrifice. Perhaps a mother bear fighting for her cubs or symbiotic relationships of plants, which represents that same piece of god inside them.

The air around us all inherently ties humans, plants, and animals together. We all need it for survival but it is only our worldly need. I believe that wind ties us together in a spiritual bond. It is a reminder that we are all just small pieces on a canvas larger than any one of us. In this way, we can catch a glimpse of the internal battle we fight daily in the wind. The air unites us in survival, and the wind in existence.

Whispered by Tanvi Patel | College and Wharton Class of 2018


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